Could You Stay A Little Longer?
Little things

I love coming home and putting the shorts on I wore to bed the night before and seeing that you tied them up to fit you to wear around

I made a huge mistake awhile back. I was doing a lot of things I shouldn’t have and I can honestly say that’s not me at all. I love you and I wouldn’t wanna be anywhere other than where I am today. You mean a lot to me. I couldn’t think of you not being here with me today.


Da fuck a nigga wanna hear?


Don’t care about what times we’ve had, the good things that came along with them. I just don’t give a fuck to try to be your friend anymore and clearly neither do you. See you never.

I just woke up. I woke up so alone I’m ready to throw up. I woke up with a hole in my heart.

Don’t you ever miss a beat never ever miss out on a second do that for me please. I’m begging you.


the fuck is wrong with me. Why the fuck can’t I get my shit straight. What the fuck I fucking hate myself